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پافوس سوئیتز Pafos Suites

این ساختمان پنج طبقه با قرارگرفتن در یک منطقه مسکونی آرام در شهر پافوس، متشکل از هفت واحد بزرگ و مدرن یک خوابه و دو خوابه می‌باشد. این ساختمان منحصر به فرد دارای ۷ واحد (۲ واحد در هر طبقه و طبقه آخر یک واحد) می‌باشد. طبقه آخر شامل یک پنت هاوس با دو اتاق خواب و یک روف تراس بزرگ است که چشم‌اندازی ابدی رو به دریا و کوهستان دارد. در ساخت تمامی واحدها ویژگی‌های خاص اعمال شده‌اند که شامل کف‌های مرمری و چوبی، پیشخوان از جنس سنگ گرانیت،آشپزخانه و کمدهای چوبی با کار دست و برترین اتصالات و لوازم به کارگرفته شده در سرویس‌های بهداشتی می‌باشد. ترکیب ویژگی‌های لوکس این پروژه و موقعیت مکانی بینظیر آن، این پروژه را به انتخابی ایده آل جهت سرمایه‌گذاری با هدف کسب درآمد از طریق اجاره یا زندگی و اقامت دائم تبدیل نموده است

نکات برجسته پروژه

Paphos is a beautiful seaside destination with many stunning blue flag beaches and a charming promenade harbor for you to enjoy, but there is so much more to this idyllic seaside district. Paphos is also a modernized city, with beautiful, timeless architecture and contemporary infrastructure. An exceptionally family-friendly place for relocation - it has great retail stores, an exciting shopping mall, modern hospitals, and an international airport. Everything is easily accessible with good quality roads that link you to the rest of the island.

Residents and visitors enjoy the lavish stretch of hotels with its wide assortment of restaurants and bars that offer excellent cuisine with spectacular sea views. Public transport runs reliably along major streets where new and ancient blend together seamlessly - historical and cultural value is cherished, without neglecting modern needs.  Paphos is filled with architectural and archaeological antiquity, proudly home to three UNESCO world heritage sites. The city is divided into old and new, with Paphos Old Town voted as the European Capital of Culture in 2017. This quaint area houses several museums, shops, and a municipal market where visitors walk peacefully along narrow streets.

The town, both old and new, is filled with ambience where the locals speak a high standard of English and are warm and welcoming to visitors. Paphos is one of the best towns to choose if you want to get the balance right between your social and work-life. It has a wide selection of normal suburban homes, lavish villas, upscale modern apartments, and a few traditional homes in between. Every modern amenity and necessity is close at hand. With its offering of three well regarded international schools and laid-back family friendly culture, it can only add to your quality of life if you choose to reside here. It is no wonder that so many are enticed to call this paradise city home.

  • 21 minutes from the International Airport
  • 3 International Schools
  • Blue Flag Beaches
  • Paphos Promenade Harbour & Port
  • Kings Avenue Mall
  • World UNESCO Heritage sites
  • Old Town European Capital of Culture 2017
  • Hub of amenities

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