Ouranos Villas – Modern 3 bedroom villas for sale in Paphos

پروژه اورانوس Ouranos Villas

این پروژه بی‌نظیر با بهره‌گیری از موقعیت مکانی چشم‌گیر و تماشایی در دامنه‌های زیبای منطقه سادا واقع شده است. این ملک فاصله کوتاهی تا مرکز شهر پافوس داشته و با یک زمین گلف حرفه‌ای فقط 3 کیلومتر فاصله دارد

در این ویلاها فناوری یکپارچه خانه هوشمند بکارگرفته شده است و طراحی ماهرانه آنها به گونه‌ای است که می‌توانید از چشم‌انداز دریا و غروب سحرانگیز خورشید نهایت بهره را ببرید. تمامی ویلاها بسیار بزرگ و جادار هستند و دارای استخر سرریز شونده و فضای سبز طراحی شده می‌باشند و در ساخت آنها بالاترین کیفیت بکار گرفته شده است

نکات برجسته پروژه

A mere ten kilometres outside the Paphos district is the beautiful mountainous village of Tsada. High above the sea level, this village is less humid than others and a cooler option for those who prefer a moderate climate. It has become known as a prestigious golf destination due to its close proximity to the legendary Minthis golf resort that was designed by the renowned golf architect Donald Steel in 1994. Many luxury villas in contemporary design have been built around this wine district.

They have incorporated the beauty of the landscape, with plots of land carefully selected to ensure all who reside there are able to enjoy the panoramic views of the sea. Homes in Tsada are often nestled in ancient groves with olive trees, fruit orchards and grapevines surrounding you with the Troodos mountains as a backdrop. Scenically refreshing and yet still centrally located, this village is minutes away from Paphos and close to all amenities including supermarkets, banks and more. A reliable bus service links the village to Paphos and Latchi daily offering residents the best of harmonious outdoor living with easy access to modern necessity.

Visitors come to Tsada to relax in the stone-built wineries, tour the museum that was the house of revolutionary poet, Evagoras Pallikarides or view the Virgin Mary Chryseleousa church that holds a miracle icon. Tsada is the place to be if you want a quiet, peaceful lifestyle in a home that celebrates the natural beauty of the island.

  • 29 minutes from the International Airport
  • 3 International schools
  • Minthis Golf Resort
  • Stone Built Wineries
  • Close to amenities
  • Historical sites
  • Links to Paphos and Latchi

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